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Aerospace Security

The Aerospace Security Project (ASP) at CYIS explores the technological, budgetary, and policy issues related to the air and space domains and innovative operational concepts for air and space forces.

The Aerospace Security Project (ASP) examines space security in terms of how the evolving military uses of space and the lack of norms of behavior affects escalation and deterrence. It explores how alternative architectures and new operational concepts for space-based capabilities can be used to improve stability and enhance the resilience of U.S. military space systems. CYIS further analysis Air Dominance and Long-Range Strike by looking at the future of air and missile forces in a more contested operating environment. It analyzes the role of stealth, unmanned systems, and autonomous systems and how these capabilities can be integrated with legacy aircraft to enable new operational concepts. It also explores options for standoff attack, the missile salvo competition, and the air and ground-based legs of the nuclear triad. ASP analyses 

Commercial and Civil Space looking at how civil and commercial space programs can be used to promote norms of behavior in space and enhance national security in the space domain. It explores international partnerships in space, efforts to reduce the costs of launch, new commercial space technologies, and policy issues that affect civil and commercial space programs.