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Brand Guidelines for Grantees and Vendors

Brand Guidelines for Grantees and Vendors

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This document outlines the guidelines for the permissible use of CYIS’s name, logo, and other communication assets (such as images and video) by our grantees and vendors. It includes an overview of permitted and non-permitted disclosures. Please review this document thoroughly to understand how to appropriately use CYIS’s branding materials.

Note: In case of any conflict between these guidelines and your agreement terms with CYIS, the terms of your agreement will prevail.

Permitted Public Disclosures

Grantees and vendors may publicly disclose the following information related to their association with CYIS:

• CYIS’s name, when used for non-promotional purposes.
• The total or maximum amount awarded by CYIS.
• Descriptions of the project or event funded by CYIS.
• Descriptions of services performed for CYIS, ensuring no confidential information is disclosed.

Public Disclosures Requiring Approval

Prior written approval from CYIS is required for:

• Using CYIS’s name for promotional purposes.
• Using CYIS’s logo for any purpose.
• Using CYIS’s communication assets, including photography, video footage, and infographics.

Approval Requests

• For Grantees: Please fill contact us with your request at Allow up to 10 business days for processing.

• For Vendors: Direct your request to your primary CYIS contact, as specified in your contract.
Prohibited Public Disclosures
The following uses are prohibited:

• Using CYIS’s name or logo for commercial or retail purposes.
• Implying CYIS endorsement of products or services.
• Subgrantees or subcontractors implying direct CYIS funding or endorsement.

Specific Guidelines for Use

CYIS Name Usage:

• Acceptable: Listing CYIS alongside other funders, or citing CYIS as a client without undue emphasis.

• Unacceptable: Using CYIS’s name for commercial purposes or implying ownership/control of CYIS branding.

Foundation Logo Usage:

• The CYIS logo must not be used in a way that suggests co-branding without approval.
• Adhere to logo specification guidelines for appropriate use.

Communication Assets:

• Written permission is required for using CYIS-owned images or video footage, subject to the terms of a Photography and Video License.
• Use of CYIS photography should maintain editorial integrity, avoiding significant retouching or alteration.


For any inquiries regarding these guidelines, please contact us at

By adhering to these guidelines, grantees and vendors help ensure the consistent and respectful use of CYIS's brand assets, supporting our collective mission and values.

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