Aurore Saccagi

Director, Creative Unit

Aurore Saccagi

Director, Creative Unit

Aurore is the Director of the Creative Unit. She leads the creative work of CYIS with Audio & Visual content through strategic and inter-generational dialogue with the CYIS Podcast and CYIS Now.


  • Migration and Refugees

  • International Development

  • Canadian Law and Politics

  • Gender studies

  • Criminal and Humanitarian Law

  • International Cultural and Environmental Law

  • Indigenous studies

  • Interest and theoretical knowledge in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe

  • Economics, Development Banks


French, English, German, Spanish, Italian


Being European and holding a master's degree in international studies from a Canadian university, Aurore has had the occasion to work and study on many different topics related to law, economics, and politics.

She wrote her essay on the migratory analysis involving the gender issues concerning Human Rights for LGB Syrian refugees and developed a strong knowledge about Human Rights, Gender studies, and Migration.

As for her experiences, she worked as a Research Coordinator at the Canadian Research Chair on Immigration and Security within her University.

Still at University, she also assisted with research in the UNESCO Law Clinic and the Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic.

Aurore was also a delegate at the Washington Model of the Organization of the American States covering regional development.

She co-wrote and published an article on the political and economic prospects for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Aurore is currently a Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission in DG Competition (State Aid) which allows her to expand her knowledge on the economic dimension.

Being part of the CYIS is a great opportunity for her to write about the Human Rights and to be able to work with people with a diverse and yet complementary background on the different aspects of international studies.