Laetitia Aumont

Research Analyst, Environmental & Sustainability Programme, Economic-Environmental Dimension

Laetitia Aumont

Research Analyst, Environmental & Sustainability Programme, Economic-Environmental Dimension

Laetitia is a Research Analyst in the Environmental and Sustainability Programme within the Economic-Environmental Dimension. She contributes to research on energy and climate change issues.


  • Public international law and European law

  • Environmental law

  • Corporate social responsibility

  • Energy and sustainability


French, English


Laetitia just completed a Master of International Laws at Maastricht University and a traineeship at the European Commission within DG GROW.

During her academic journey, Laetitia seized the opportunity to study in four universities in different countries (France, Canada, Netherlands and Australia). She specialized in public international law and studied very different topics, from human rights to space law.

More recently, Laetitia became a Blue Book trainee within DG GROW (for internal market, industry, entrepreneurship and SMEs) and she have worked specifically on the SME strategy and the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Now that her academic path is over, she believes it is important to engage in continuous learning and research about the issues she is most interested in.

During both her academic and professional experiences, Laetitia developed a stronger interest in environmental and corporate governance issues. She wrote her master’s thesis on the influence of soft environmental law emanating from international organizations on corporate behaviour. Though some case studies, Laetitia put a light on a few policy instruments such as the SDGs or the OECD Guidelines and their impact and implementation on corporate practices.

She is also deeply interested in the development of environmental-friendly practices at the individual level to engage our society on the path of sustainability. She believes that it is important to research and inform about environmental issues as it is a growing concern within our society and that is only through communication with the people and dialogue with the institutions that changes can be driven.

Laetitia is glad to have the opportunity to join the network of the CYIS as a Research Analyst for the Energy & Sustainability programme within the Economic-Environmental dimension. She is am looking forwards to have the opportunity to exchange with fellow research analysts on common subjects of interest.