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Mahlet Sebsibe Haile

Human Resources Coordinator, Operational Branch

Mahlet Sebsibe Haile

Human Resources Coordinator, Operational Branch

Mahlet is the Human Resources Coordinator in the Operational Branch at the Centre.


  • Peace and Holistic transformation advocate;

  • Global Advisory professional .


English, Amharic


Mahlet Sebsibe is a certified Trainer, coach ,facilitator ,Advisory professional  and a advocate of peace and Holistic development. She is a 23 Years old young aspiring leader in Ethiopia. 

She graduated her BA Degree in Addis Ababa University . Creating a positive transformation  is her genuine passion .  She works with different regional and international organizations and initiatives to promote Peace and positive change in global endeavors. She is experienced in providing training and creating curriculums also facilitating events and leading programs. 

Mahlet is a Zero to one high impact leaders fellow 2020, Young global change leaders fellow 2021, Global impact Fellow 2021, Alumni of Brightest Young mind summit .She is nominated as Global Peace Ambassador at World Peace Tracts , Universal Peace Ambassador at Universal Peace Federation, certified Humanitarian and facilitatorb at Theater of Solutions Initiative and certified meditation and mindfulnesstrainer at world peace initiatives .

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