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Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

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Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS)

• Foundation Year: 2020
• Location: Brussels
• Founders: Andrei I. Cursaru, Rebecca Gaff, Stefano Consoli
• Type: Voluntary, Youth-Orientated, Non-Partisan Think-Tank
• Mandate Duration: Until 2030 (extendable)
• Mission: To address youth vulnerabilities through innovative and sustainable solutions.
• Strategic Objectives: Rooted in 15 Strategic Youth Goals, CYIS is dedicated to solving emerging threats impacting young populations.
• Global Reach: With a diverse team of young experts from Europe & the Americas, CYIS boasts an international composition, perspective, and reach.

Our Focus Areas

• Research: Strong in-house research capacity with an exceptional team of international young professionals.
• Innovation: Commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions to youth vulnerabilities.
• Policy Impact: Aiming to shape policy and decision-making processes through insightful analysis and advocacy.

Key Features

• Strategic Youth Goals:
A framework aimed at addressing critical issues affecting youth across various sectors.
• Visiting Fellowship: An opportunity for scholars and professionals to contribute to CYIS’s mission and research initiatives.

Policies and Principles
•Intellectual Independence Policy: Ensuring research and publications are conducted with autonomy and integrity.
• Donor Acceptance and Disclosure Policy: Transparency in funding sources, maintaining independence in research and advocacy.
• Partnership Policy: Engaging with like-minded entities to amplify impact while adhering to shared values and goals.

Get Involved

•Membership: Open to individuals who wish to support and engage with CYIS’s activities and mission.
• Careers: Opportunities for professionals passionate about making a difference in youth and international studies.
• Newsletter: Stay updated on CYIS’s latest research, events, and initiatives by subscribing to our newsletter.

Contact Information

• Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
• Donations: Support our mission by contributing to our cause. Your donations help us continue our impactful work.

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