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General FAQ

Why was CYIS founded by Andrei I. Cursaru?

CYIS was founded by Andrei I. Cursaru with the belief that innovative solutions and strategic partnerships can address the most pressing global challenges. Andrei is committed to leveraging resources, expertise, and a network of collaborators to foster sustainable development, education, and healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Does Andrei I. Cursaru personally profit from CYIS’s work?

No, Andrei I. Cursaru does not personally profit from the foundation's work. CYIS is dedicated to reinvesting all proceeds and donations back into its mission-driven projects and initiatives to maximize societal impact.

How is CYIS governed?

CYIS is governed by a board of directors, which includes our founder, Andrei I. Cursaru, along with other leaders and experts from various fields. This governance structure ensures strategic oversight, accountability, and alignment with our mission.

Does CYIS’s work influence global development and health decisions?

Yes, through strategic partnerships and initiatives, CYIS aims to influence global development and health decisions positively. By sharing research, insights, and innovative solutions, we contribute to shaping policies and practices that improve lives worldwide.

Does CYIS lobby governments?

CYIS engages in advocacy efforts to support policy changes and initiatives aligned with our mission. However, all such activities are conducted in a transparent, ethical manner and comply with legal and regulatory standards.

How does CYIS ensure accountability and transparency in its work?

CYIS is committed to high standards of accountability and transparency. We regularly publish reports on our activities, outcomes, and financials, and we are open about our goals, strategies, and learning processes.

Where can I find CYIS’s financial information and tax filings?

CYIS’s financial information and tax filings are available on our website. These documents provide detailed insights into our financial health, sources of funding, and how we allocate resources towards our mission.

Does CYIS provide grant funding to the private sector?

CYIS may provide grant funding to private sector entities when such partnerships are strategically aligned with our mission and objectives. These collaborations are carefully evaluated to ensure they contribute to impactful and sustainable solutions.

How does CYIS approach diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

DEI is a core principle at CYIS. We strive to embody these values in our operations, grantmaking, and community engagements. Our commitment to DEI informs our decision-making processes, partnerships, and the initiatives we support.

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