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Members of the Centre for Youth and International Studies are part of a global network of exceptional young experts shaping the debate on international security, economic-environmental and humanitarian policy. We view our membership as substantive contributors to the CYIS who are able to add capacity and brainpower to the Centre's work.


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Our world view and philosophy makes us unique. Join us in our mission to think differently and provide independent quality information. You will continue to learn and develop your career. 

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We continue to focus on our main objective of spreading our youth voices. That is why we want to ask you for your ideas and expertise to contribute to achieving our vision for a more sustainable world for decision-makers. You inputs in our blogs and podcasts are invaluable for our mission.

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Behind every news item is the work of an entire team of professionals who ensure that you receive rigorous reporting and in-depth analysis. This would not be possible without the support of our readers.


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As an Contributor Member, you will enjoy access to the Centre's innovative youth-led platform and its opinion-shaping analysis in the form of print and electronic publications, plus invitations to members-only events. In addition, you will join a group of young professionals from different sectors of society, which will help you to continue to grow your awareness and expand your network.

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We seek members who are intellectual leaders in their fields to contribute to the research and activities of the Centre. Our members define the debate on important questions, generate data and analysis, and provide policy-relevant solutions for governments, business and the academic community. By becoming a contributor you will have the possibility to write about the topic of your choice, and publish it on our website and all the social networks within our reach.

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The Centre hosts year-round events that bring together researchers and policymakers from around the world to discuss international security, economic-environmental and humanitarian policy. Membership allows you to attend events held online, where you can network, meet CYIS experts, and develop your understanding of global strategic affairs.