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Environmental Sustainability Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

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The Environmental Sustainability Policy at CYIS articulates our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint and fostering sustainability in every aspect of our operations.
Recognizing the significant impact that businesses have on the planet, this policy outlines our approach to promoting environmental stewardship, conserving natural resources, and contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.


This policy applies to all aspects of CYIS’s operations, including our supply chain, product development, office management, and any other activities that may have an environmental impact. It encompasses all employees, contractors, and partners of CYIS.

Policy Statement

CYIS is dedicated to:

• Reducing Environmental Impact:

We commit to continuously seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable resource use.

• Promoting Sustainable Practices:

CYIS will integrate sustainable practices into our business operations, product design, and procurement processes. We will prioritize the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

• Conservation of Resources:

We pledge to conserve resources, including water, energy, and raw materials, by implementing conservation programs and encouraging responsible use among our employees and partners.

• Supporting Environmental Sustainability:

CYIS will support and engage in initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, including reforestation, biodiversity, and renewable energy projects, both locally and globally.

• Compliance and Reporting:

We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will transparently report our environmental performance and sustainability efforts to our stakeholders.


• Sustainability Goals and Objectives:

CYIS will set and regularly review specific, measurable goals and objectives aimed at enhancing our environmental sustainability.

• Employee Education and Participation:

We will educate our employees about our environmental policies and practices and encourage their active participation in sustainability initiatives.

• Sustainable Supply Chain Management:

CYIS will work with suppliers and partners to ensure that they adhere to sustainable practices and standards that align with our environmental commitments.

• Green Office Practices:

We will implement green office practices, such as recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and reduced paper usage, to minimize our office’s environmental impact.

• Investment in Sustainable Technologies:

CYIS commits to investing in sustainable technologies and innovations that reduce environmental harm and promote efficiency.


Leadership is responsible for championing sustainability within the organization, ensuring adequate resources are allocated to sustainability efforts, and setting an example of environmental responsibility.

Coordinator/Team (if applicable) is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the Environmental Sustainability Policy, including coordinating initiatives, tracking progress towards goals, and reporting on achievements.

Employees are expected to adhere to this policy and participate in sustainability efforts within their capacity, including following green office practices and contributing ideas for improving environmental performance.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management teams are responsible for ensuring that procurement practices and supply chain partnerships align with CYIS’s environmental sustainability goals.

Review and Modification

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and effective in achieving our sustainability goals. Modifications will be made as needed to reflect changes in environmental science, regulatory requirements, and best practices in sustainability.

By committing to environmental sustainability, CYIS aims to contribute positively to the planet, ensure the long-term viability of our operations, and inspire others to join in these crucial efforts.

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