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CYIS has a comprehensive research approach to security providing in-depth analysis with seasonal journal articles to emerging threats in the politico-military, the economic and environmental, and the humanitarian dimensions.

Road to 2099 Series

Road to 2099 Series

Explore the Future with "Road to 2099": Your Strategic Foresight Compass

Dive into the heart of tomorrow's challenges and opportunities with the "Road to 2099" series, brought to you by the Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS). This essential publication series serves as your gateway to understanding the profound impact of emerging disruptive technologies on geopolitics, security, and society.

Why "Road to 2099"?

Cutting-Edge Insights: Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI, autonomy, biotechnology, energy propulsion, hypersonic development, communication networks, novel materials, quantum technology, and space exploration.
Strategic Foresight: Gain strategic foresight into how these innovations shape our military and civilian landscapes, offering new opportunities while addressing the challenges of technological disruption.
Global Perspectives: Benefit from the International Institute for Emerging Disruptive Technologies (IIEDT)'s forefront analysis on democratizing technology and preventing its misuse.
Expert Analysis: Each edition is packed with expert commentary, in-depth research, and strategic insights to guide policymakers, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts through the complexities of a rapidly evolving world.
Featured Themes:

Abstract Waves & AI: From AI-driven decision-making to enhancing industry efficiency.
Autonomy in Motion: Innovations in autonomous systems for complex environments.
Bio-Technology & Human Enhancement: Advancements in healthcare, rehabilitation, and unlocking human potential.
The Future of Energy Propulsion: Transformative research in propulsion systems and renewable energies.
Hypersonic Horizons: Overcoming the challenges of high-speed travel.
New Communication Networks: Advancing the frontiers of 5G/6G and quantum communication.
Novel Material & Manufacturing: Revolutionizing industries with nanomaterials, 3D printing, and smart materials.
Quantum Leap: Harnessing quantum mechanics for breakthroughs in computing, cryptography, and sensing.
Space: The Final Frontier: Pioneering technologies for space exploration and utilization.

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Our Road to 2099 Series

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