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nexus. Group AI

Empowering Resilience through Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Nexus Group AI, where we harness the power of artificial intelligence to foster resilience and innovation in our ever-changing world. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that anticipate emerging threats, enhance strategic decision-making, and empower organizations to navigate complex challenges with confidence. Through our flagship product, the Intelligence Resilience Information System (IRIS), we revolutionize how governments and organizations visualize and analyze cross-sectoral shocks, ensuring they are prepared to meet the demands of an uncertain future.

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Our Story

Nexus Group AI was founded with a vision to pioneer AI-driven solutions that address critical global challenges. Led by Ioan-Andrei Cursaru, our CEO, our journey began with a commitment to advancing peacetech solutions in the Euro-Atlantic area. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, collaborating with governments, NGOs, and international organizations to drive positive change and build a more resilient world.

Our Mission

At Nexus Group AI, our mission is to leverage artificial intelligence to empower resilience and innovation across diverse sectors. We strive to provide actionable insights and predictive capabilities through our IRIS platform, enabling our clients to proactively manage risks, respond to crises, and safeguard their communities and assets. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence and integrity, we aim to be a trusted partner in the global effort to build a more secure and sustainable future.

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Area of Expertise

Our expertise lies in the development of AI-powered solutions that analyze real-time data from various sectors and visualize cross-sectoral shocks. With a focus on resilience and strategic decision-making, we specialize in climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water management, infrastructure resilience, healthcare, transportation, and communication resilience. By harnessing advanced AI algorithms, we provide our clients with actionable insights and predictive analysis to navigate complex challenges with agility and foresight.

IRIS Platform Development

IRIS is a Resilience Platform that utilizes AI algorithms to analyze real-time data and visualize cross-sectoral shocks. It offers sentiment analysis of OSINT sources and provides actionable summaries for decision-makers. Currently, IRIS is in the development phase, refining AI algorithms and expanding data sources for improved accuracy and coverage.

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Customer Benefits

  • Real-time insights into cross-sectoral shocks

  • Predictive capabilities for emerging threats

  • Actionable summaries for effective decision-making

  • Enhanced resilience and preparedness for governments and organizations

  • Secure and encrypted data processing ensuring confidentiality

Meet The Team

Stefano Consoli

Co-founder and Chief of Operations, Operational Branch & Co-Chair of Board

Ben Mason

Chief Editor, Editorial Unit

Andrei I. Cursaru

Founding President, Chief Executive & Chairman of Board

Angela Wang

Director, Americas Centre

Nicholas Sowenna Ene

Legal Coordinator, Operational Branch

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