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Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for Civil-Military Resilience within CYIS are dedicated to strengthening societal resilience through interdisciplinary collaboration, research, and training. By fostering civil-military cooperation, assisting in doctrine development, and sharing best practices, these CoEs enhance our ability to respond effectively to a wide range of security challenges. At CYIS, we're committed to leveraging their expertise to promote peace, security, and prosperity.

Role of Centres of Excellence

CYIS's Centres of Excellence (CoEs) specialize in various functional areas, serving as subject-matter experts in civil-military resilience. They disseminate their extensive knowledge through four key pillars:

  1. Education, training, exercise, and evaluation (ETEE)

  2. Analysis and lessons learned (ALL)

  3. Doctrine development and standardization (DDS)

  4. Concept development and experimentation (CDE)

While CYIS does not directly fund the CoEs, they are supported by national or multinational funding and operate within a collaborative network. This fosters internal and external information exchange, benefiting the organization's efforts in promoting civil-military resilience. The coordination and utilization of CoEs within CYIS fall under the purview of the Institute for Resilience and International Studies (IRIS) with CYIS's leadership. Currently, CYIS hosts 7 accredited CoEs, with English being the primary working language.

Hague Centre

The Hague Centre serves as a beacon of collaboration and innovation in addressing global youth challenges. Located in the diplomatic heart of The Hague, our center specializes in resilient civil communications systems, crucial for maintaining connectivity during times of crisis. We conduct research, policy analysis, and advocacy to enhance the ability of governments and communities to communicate effectively, ensuring continuity of critical services and information dissemination.

Vienna Centre

The Vienna Centre is dedicated to empowering youth and protecting lives in times of crisis. Situated in the cultural capital of Vienna, our center specializes in analyzing and strategizing responses to mass casualties, with a particular focus on youth populations. Through interdisciplinary research and collaboration, we seek to improve preparedness and response mechanisms, empowering communities and governments to safeguard the well-being of young people.

London Centre

The London Centre is committed to advancing global youth empowerment through cutting-edge research and practical solutions. Situated in the vibrant city of London, our center specializes in resilient energy supplies, promoting sustainability and continuity for future generations. We collaborate with stakeholders to develop innovative energy systems and policy frameworks, contributing to sustainable development and youth empowerment worldwide.

Rome Centre

The Rome Centre is dedicated to addressing youth-related challenges through sustainable development solutions. Nestled in Italy's rich cultural heritage, our center specializes in resilient food and water resources, ensuring access and sustainability for communities worldwide. Through comprehensive research and advocacy, we aim to develop strategies for building resilient food and water systems, promoting sustainable development and youth empowerment.

Brussels Centre

The Brussels Centre focuses on addressing the complexities of migration and displacement. Located at the heart of Brussels, our center conducts research and analysis to enhance the ability of governments and stakeholders to manage and respond to the uncontrolled movement of people. We advocate for inclusive policies and innovative solutions, aiming to protect the rights and well-being of young migrants and refugees.

Berlin Centre

The Berlin Centre is dedicated to promoting resilient societies through governance and crisis management. Situated in the dynamic metropolis of Berlin, our center conducts interdisciplinary research and training programs aimed at assuring continuity of government and critical services during emergencies. We equip policymakers and practitioners with the necessary knowledge and tools to uphold democratic principles and empower youth in times of crisis.

Zurich Centre

The Zurich Centre focuses on fostering innovative connectivity for global youth engagement. Leveraging Zurich's expertise in technology and innovation, our center specializes in resilient civil communications systems, empowering young people to actively participate in global affairs. We explore emerging technologies and communication platforms, aiming to foster connectivity and information exchange while ensuring continuity of critical services.

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