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Welcome to our Innovation Hubs, nestled within our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in London, The Hague, Vienna, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, and Zurich. Here, we embark on a journey of research and development focused on resilience for IRIS (Institute for Resilience and International Studies) and deep emerging technological advancements for IIEDT (International Institute for Emerging Disruptive Technologies). Our hubs are at the forefront of pioneering solutions to address the complex challenges facing our world today. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, we strive to make tangible contributions to the work of Nexus Group AI, forging a path towards a more resilient and sustainable future. Let's delve into the dynamic work of our Innovation Hubs as they play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of global innovation and resilience.

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Think about policy recommendations on threats posed by major shocks caused by natural disaster, failure of critical infrastructure, or a hybrid or a armed attack.


Shape the strategic agenda for governments, industry and academia to counter the possible disruption to individual and collective resilience.


Innovate by exerting influence to promote cross-


dimensional dialogue with decision-makers and leading


experts on policy for a more sustainable world for youth.

Priority Innovation Areas

Our priority innovation areas encompass a diverse spectrum of challenges and opportunities at the intersection of resilience, sustainability, and emerging technologies. We focus on developing cutting-edge solutions in key areas such as climate adaptation, disaster risk reduction, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water management, resilient infrastructure, healthcare resilience, communication systems, and transportation resilience. By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, biotechnology, and other emerging technologies, we aim to address complex global challenges and catalyze positive change. Through interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and innovation, we strive to create impactful solutions that enhance resilience, promote sustainability, and empower communities

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BELA (Berlin Enterprise for Lasting Advancements) Hub

BELA serves as a platform for fostering lasting advancements in governance and crisis management. Through research, training, and collaboration, BELA empowers policymakers and practitioners to ensure continuity of government operations and critical services during emergencies. Activities include conducting research on crisis governance, providing training programs for emergency responders, and facilitating knowledge exchange among stakeholders.

LORA (London Organization for Revolutionary Advancements) Hub

LORA leads groundbreaking advancements in sustainable energy solutions and resilience. Through research, innovation, and collaboration, LORA promotes renewable energy adoption, energy efficiency measures, and sustainable development practices. Activities include conducting research on renewable energy technologies, developing policy recommendations, and organizing workshops and seminars on energy sustainability.

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BRIE (Brussels Research and Innovation for Empowerment) Hub

BRIE is dedicated to empowering communities and stakeholders to address migration and displacement challenges effectively. Through research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives, BRIE works towards inclusive solutions that protect the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees. Activities include analyzing migration trends, advocating for policy reforms, and supporting grassroots initiatives for migrant integration.

RENA (Rome Enterprise for Novel Advancements) Hub

RENA focuses on promoting resilience in food and water resources through innovative advancements in agriculture and water management. Through research, policy advocacy, and community engagement, RENA develops strategies for building resilient food and water systems that ensure access and sustainability for all. Activities include implementing community-based projects, advocating for policy reforms, and supporting sustainable agriculture initiatives.

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VICI (Vienna International Centre for Innovation) Hub

VICI leads innovative advancements in responding to mass casualties and public health emergencies. Through research, training, and collaboration, VICI strengthens preparedness and response mechanisms to mitigate the impact of crises on public health and safety. Activities include analyzing responses to mass casualties, developing best practices, and providing technical assistance to governments and healthcare professionals.

HANA (The Hague Association for Novel Advancement) Hub

HANA specializes in advancing resilient civil communications systems to support effective crisis response and recovery efforts. Through research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives, HANA enhances communication infrastructure to ensure connectivity during emergencies. Activities include developing guidelines for maintaining communication networks, advocating for policy reforms, and providing training programs for communication professionals.

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ZIRA (Zurich Innovation and Research Association) Hub

ZIRA drives innovation in resilient civil communications systems to support youth engagement and international cooperation. Through research, technology development, and advocacy, ZIRA fosters connectivity and information exchange while ensuring the continuity of critical services. Activities include developing communication technologies, promoting digital literacy, and advocating for policies that support internet access and digital rights.


Andrei I. Cursaru

Chief Executive

Nikola Latkovic

Research Analyst

Laura Léger

Research Analyst

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