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Visiting Fellowship Programme 

What is the Visiting Fellowship Programme?

CYIS Visiting Fellowship Programme is a session-based (four months) or annual remote fellowship open to graduate-level students, post-doctoral scholars, and early career professionals seeking to develop expertise on and/or to strengthen their strategic knowledge emerging threats to youth and to increase the diversity of thought at our youth-orientated think-tank.

Benefits of Visiting Fellows

As a CYIS Visiting Fellow, you have the rights of a Contributor Member to  
conduct independent research and analysis on specific policy issues on a flexible basis. You can submit your research at any time which will be reviewed by our in-house experts. Upon the approval of your proposal within five working days you will be given our updated your Submission Roadmap for our current session. At this stage, we are only accepting contributions for blog articles.


Become an official CYIS Contributor


Freedom to write and to propose whatever you think it is relevant

events and  networking

Access to our network / Help find jobs information concerning jobs etc.


As an Contributor Member, you will enjoy access to the Centre's innovative youth-led platform and its opinion-shaping analysis in the form of print and electronic publications, plus invitations to members-only events. In addition, you will join a group of young professionals from different sectors of society, which will help you to continue to grow your awareness and expand your network.

Blue Leather Chair


We seek members who are intellectual leaders in their fields to contribute to the research and activities of the Centre. Our members define the debate on important questions, generate data and analysis, and provide policy-relevant solutions for governments, business and the academic community. By becoming a contributor you will have the possibility to write about the topic of your choice, and publish it on our website and all the social networks within our reach.

Green Typewriter


The Centre hosts year-round events that bring together researchers and policymakers from around the world to discuss international security, economic-environmental and humanitarian policy. Membership allows you to attend events held online, where you can network, meet CYIS experts, and develop your understanding of global strategic affairs.


How to Join the Visiting Fellowship Programme?

Step 1: Subscribe to Contributor Membership

Step 2: Send your Research Proposal

We reserve the right as a registered ASBL to deny at any point proposals which does not respect our Content Guidelines.

For any questions on the Visiting Fellowship Programme and to send your proposals, please contact

Please, do not forget to write your contact details in the email.

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