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Embracing Multidimensionalism

At the Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS), our guiding philosophy is Multidimensionalism, a concept that acknowledges the dynamic, complex, and interconnected nature of the global geopolitical environment. This approach underpins our efforts to understand, innovate, and collaborate effectively in navigating and shaping this landscape.

Our Focus Dimensions

Our application of Multidimensionalism centers around three pivotal dimensions, reflecting the nexus within our interconnected world and addressing the persistent, simultaneous, and boundless threats that arise:

  • Politico-Military Dimension: Understanding and influencing the interplay between political strategies and military capabilities, recognizing their critical roles in maintaining global stability and security.

  • Economic-Environmental Dimension: Acknowledging the intertwined relationship between economic growth and environmental sustainability. We strive to promote policies and practices that ensure economic development does not come at the expense of our planet's health.

  • Humanitarian Dimension: Focusing on the protection and promotion of human rights, welfare, and dignity. We address humanitarian needs arising from conflicts, natural disasters, and other crises, emphasizing the importance of a compassionate and coordinated response.

Our Focus Dimensions

Navigating Complex Threats

These dimensions guide our analysis and actions in a world facing shocks such as strategic competition, demographic changes, climate change, natural disasters, health crises, and resource scarcity. We believe in the importance of understanding and showing the nexus between these dimensions to address the complex and multifaceted challenges of our time effectively.

Navigating Compex Threat
Core Tenets o Our Approach

Core Tenets of Our Approach

Dynamic Operating Environmen

We navigate an ever-changing geopolitical landscape, influenced by technological, demographic, and environmental shifts. Our strategies are adaptable and forward-thinking.

Persistent and Simultaneous Challenges

Recognizing that challenges are continuous and often concurrent, our approach emphasizes the need for continuous adaptation and simultaneous responses.

Collaborative Partnerships

Believing in the power of collaboration, we engage with a broad range of partners to influence the geopolitical environment and address challenges collectively.

Comprehensive Security Considerations

We advocate for a holistic understanding of security that encompasses economic, social, environmental, and technological dimensions, acknowledging their interconnected nature.

Proactive Mindset and Connectivity

Emphasizing the importance of a proactive mindset and effective connectivity, we strive to build strong networks for collective action on global challenges.

Cognitive Superiority and Situational Awareness

Achieving cognitive superiority through enhanced situational awareness is paramount. We leverage technology to expand our knowledge and understanding, enabling us to anticipate, decide, and act effectively.

Layered Resilience

Our resilience strategy is comprehensive, incorporating both military and civilian dimensions. We focus on anticipating shocks, managing consequences, and sustaining efforts to outlast adversaries.

Cross-Domain Command and Integrated Multi-Domain Defence

CYIS stresses the importance of agility and cross-domain command. We support a shift towards an integrated, multi-domain defense approach, ensuring readiness and responsiveness across all levels of operation.

Influence and Power Projection

We advocate for a holistic understanding of security that encompasses economic, social, environmental, and technological dimensions, acknowledging their interconnected nature.

Functional Design 2040: Our Strategic Vision

At CYIS, we're not just responding to the world's challenges; we're anticipating them. Our Functional Design 2040 is a testament to our commitment to lead, innovate, and shape the future. Here’s how we're doing it:

OUT-THINK: Strategic Foresight and Intelligence

In a world where threats evolve as quickly as opportunities emerge, staying ahead requires more than just reaction—it demands anticipation. Our OUT-THINK initiative focuses on leveraging strategic foresight and intelligence to outpace potential adversaries. By deeply understanding the strategic environment and employing advanced analytics, we aim to foresee challenges before they arise, ensuring we’re always a step ahead.

OUT-SHAPE: Shaping the Geopolitical Landscape

The power of collaboration can't be overstated in today’s interconnected world. OUT-SHAPE is about creating a proactive and supportive network of alliances and partnerships. We believe in shaping the geopolitical landscape through collective effort, leveraging mutual strengths to foster stability, peace, and progress. Our focus is on building enduring relationships that not only anticipate challenges but also create avenues for cooperative success.

OUT-INNOVATE: Excellence in Adaptation and Innovation

The future belongs to those who innovate. OUT-INNOVATE encapsulates our drive for excellence, agility, and endurance amidst strategic competition and conflicts. By thinking, planning, and operating with a long-term perspective, we're committed to adopting cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. Our goal is to ensure that in the face of change, our strategies and solutions remain relevant and revolutionary.

Functional Design 2040: Our Strategic Vision
Critical Enablers for Multidimensionalism

Critical Enablers for Multidimensionalism

Abstract Waves
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Enhanced Data and Technology Utilization

Harnessing the power of data and technology to inform decision-making and strategy formulation
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