Founded in 2020 in Brussels by Andrei I. Cursaru, together with Rebecca Gaff and Stefano Consoli, the Centre for Youth and International Studies is a voluntary, youth-orientated and non-partisan think-tank with a strong in-house research capacity of exceptional young professionals from key inter-governmental institutions.


The Centre’s strong in-house research capacity of exceptional young experts is committed to solving youth vulnerabilities with innovative and sustainable solutions. 


With a diverse team of young experts from all over Europe & the Americas, we are international in composition, perspective and reach.


Our mission is to bring the creative thinking of the youth to shape the strategic agenda for governments, industry and academia. 

Together with the brightest young minds, CYIS generates independent, fact-based, solution-oriented and objective insights on emerging cross-dimensional and regional threats.

We exert influence to promote cross-generational dialogue with key decision-makers and leading experts on policy.


We want to create a more sustainable world for the next generation of decision-makers. 


As part of this vision, our goal is to provide an equitable environment to foster critical and creative thinking for all youth.


Ultimately we seek to enable young individuals to express their voice on youth vulnerability in all aspects of society.

CYIS Board