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Career growth and learning Policy

Career growth and learning Policy

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The purpose of the Career Growth and Learning Policy at CYIS is to articulate our commitment to the professional development of our employees. We believe that fostering an environment that encourages and supports career advancement and continuous learning is essential for both the personal fulfillment of our team members and the overall success of our organization.


This policy applies to all employees of CYIS, regardless of their position, department, or tenure with the company.

Policy Statement

CYIS is committed to:

• Promoting Professional Development:

We will provide opportunities for employees to grow within their current roles and to advance to new positions within the organization. This includes, but is not limited to, job promotions, internal job transfers, and leadership opportunities.
Supporting Continuous

• Learning:

CYIS will offer various learning resources, including professional development courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, and online learning platforms, to help employees acquire new skills and knowledge relevant to their roles and career aspirations.
Encouraging Skill Enhancement: We encourage employees to pursue relevant certifications, licenses, and continuing education that will enhance their professional skills and career trajectory. CYIS may offer financial support or reimbursement for approved programs.
Providing Performance


• Regular performance evaluations will be conducted to give employees constructive feedback on their work, set career goals, and identify areas for professional development.

• Facilitating Mentorship and Coaching:

• CYIS will support mentorship programs and coaching opportunities for employees seeking guidance and advice on career progression and skill development.

• Professional Development Planning:

Each employee, in conjunction with their manager, will develop an annual Professional Development Plan (PDP) outlining their career goals, learning objectives, and the resources or activities needed to achieve these aims.

• Funding and Time Off for Learning:

Employees may be eligible for financial support or paid time off to pursue approved learning activities or professional development opportunities that align with their PDP and the organization's strategic goals.

• Tracking and Evaluation:

The HR department will track participation in career growth and learning activities, and evaluate the impact of these activities on employee performance and career progression.
Employees are responsible for actively participating in their own professional development, seeking out learning opportunities, and engaging in the performance review process.

Managers are responsible for supporting their team members' career and learning goals, providing regular performance feedback, and facilitating access to professional development opportunities.

Human Resources is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the Career Growth and Learning Policy, including providing resources for learning and professional development, and monitoring the policy's effectiveness.

Review and Modification
This policy will be reviewed annually and may be modified in response to feedback from employees, changes in organizational needs, or evolving best practices in professional development.

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