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Reporting Scams

Reporting Scams

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At CYIS, we are aware that fraudulent communications, falsely claiming to be from or associated with our organization, are increasingly circulating through various channels including email, social media, postal mail, fax, and telephone. These communications may inappropriately use the CYIS logo, photos, links, or other information that seems to originate from our official channels.

How to Report Suspected Scams

If you encounter or suspect a communication (email, social media message, postal mail, fax, or telephone call) to be a scam impersonating CYIS, please report it to us immediately via email at This enables our security team to conduct investigations and take necessary actions to mitigate such scams. Due to the high volume of scam reports and inquiries, please be aware that we may not be able to respond individually to every report.

Recognizing Scams

Please be vigilant and skeptical of any communication that:

• Requests administrative or registration fees for grants, awards, or participation in events supposedly affiliated with CYIS.
• Promises lotteries, prizes, or any kind of awards through email, postal mail, telephone, fax, or in-person interactions, claiming to be from CYIS.
• Asks for personal or financial information, such as bank account details, under the guise of processing awards or grants.
• Offers memberships or requests fees for membership to CYIS-affiliated programs or entities.
• Approaches individuals directly, in person, with offers of grants or financial assistance.
• Solicits donations or investments, claiming to represent CYIS or its subsidiaries.

Our Commitment

CYIS, along with its employees, partners, and affiliated entities, does not engage in any of the practices mentioned above. Our grantmaking and program participation processes are transparent and do not involve requests for personal financial contributions or personal financial information for eligibility or participation.

Collaborating with Law Enforcement

Our security team is actively collaborating with law enforcement agencies to address and counteract these fraudulent schemes. Despite our efforts, the sophistication and volume of such scams make it challenging to eliminate them entirely.

Stay Informed

For legitimate information about CYIS’s programs, grants, and initiatives, please visit our official website or contact us directly through our official communication channels.

By remaining alert and informed, we can collectively work towards minimizing the impact of these fraudulent activities. Your vigilance and proactive reporting play a crucial role in helping us protect our community and the integrity of our initiatives.

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