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Welcome to BRIE Hub, your gateway to innovative solutions for addressing migration and displacement challenges. Located in Brussels, our hub is committed to empowering communities and stakeholders to effectively respond to the uncontrolled movement of people.

About Us

Inclusive Solutions for Global Migration Challenges

BRIE Hub is a dynamic platform for research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives focused on migration and displacement issues. We bring together experts, policymakers, and grassroots organizations to develop inclusive solutions that protect the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees.


Our Mission

Our mission at BRIE Hub is to advance equitable and humane responses to migration challenges through research, advocacy, and collaboration. We aim to promote policies and practices that uphold the dignity and rights of all individuals, regardless of their migration status.



Area of Expertise

The BRIE Hub's area of expertise lies in addressing the challenges associated with the uncontrolled movement of people, particularly migration and displacement issues. Through interdisciplinary research, policy analysis, and advocacy, the hub develops inclusive solutions that protect the rights and well-being of migrants and refugees. By collaborating with governments, non-profit organizations, and grassroots initiatives, the BRIE Hub promotes equitable responses to migration challenges, fosters social inclusion, and advocates for policies that uphold human rights and dignity.


Our Partners

    United Nations agencies working on migration and refugee issues

    European Union institutions and agencies responsible for migration policies

    Non-profit organizations providing humanitarian aid and support to migrants

    Research institutes studying migration dynamics and integration strategies|

    Local government authorities managing migration flows and refugee reception centers

Our Work

BRIE Hub focuses on researching migration and displacement challenges, advocating for inclusive policies that protect the rights of migrants and refugees. The hub collaborates with government agencies and non-profit organizations to support migrant integration and social inclusion initiatives. Through community engagement events and capacity-building workshops, BRIE Hub empowers migrant communities and promotes social cohesion in Brussels and beyond.

Our Services



Dive into our cutting-edge research across various domains. Our work aims to provide insightful analyses and solutions to complex global challenges.



Stay updated on our upcoming events. From workshops to conferences, we host a range of activities designed to engage and inform our members and the broader community.


Technology Innovation

Learn about our initiatives to innovate technologies that address urgent needs in the politico-military, economic, environmental, and humanitarian fields.

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