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Accessibility information

The CYIS continually strives to ensure its website is accessible by all users, including individuals using assistive technologies. Current accessibility features include, but are not limited to:

  • Consistent page layout and clear navigation mechanisms

  • Not using frames since they can confuse speech synthesisers

  • Making our hyperlinks meaningful, i.e., not using ‘click here’ on its own

  • Enabling scaling font sizes for clearer legibility

  • Mobile device and Smartphone compatibility

Web browser support

This standard applies to web browsers that are being used on desktop versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix and mobile device Operating Systems such as iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry.

The CYIS recognises that our online visitors use a variety of operating systems and Internet browsers. It is our aim to provide every visitor with the best online experience; we have improved our website by providing web pages that work efficiently and effectively on the most commonly used browsers and settings. We recommend that our visitors always use the latest updated version of browsers and add-ons to ensure that our web pages display correctly and quickly and that you have the latest security updates.  

Our website is optimised with:

  • Internet Explorer 8+

  • Firefox 10+

  • Google Chrome 17+

  • Safari 5+

The following browsers should also provide access to all of the content and functionality on this site:

  • Firefox for Linux

  • Opera

Logging into site and access to CYIS content

Visitors to the CYIS website need to create an account and log onto our site to be able to access premium content. Most of our recent publications are accessible electronically both as an HTML and in downloadable PDF format from our website. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or higher to access PDF files (we always recommend our visitors to download or update Adobe Reader to the latest version for a better experience). This software can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe Reader website. For information about accessing PDF files for people with disabilities, please visit

The ‘Remember Me’ function, available in the log-in window, will place a cookie onto your computer when ticked. This function is only activated on the computer you initially used to activate this option and will not be accessible on other computers. This is not recommended for shared computers.

Problems accessing content

Clearing your browser’s cache on a regular basis will enhance your online experience by ensuring that your browser is functioning at optimal levels and displaying our website with the most current information. If you are a member of the CYIS and occasionally experiencing problems accessing CYIS content when clicking through to the host link, this can often be caused by the security software, such as Norton Antivirus, blocking the content. If you purchase contents directly from our website and are experiencing problems accessing this content, please also check your security setting.

Video and audio content

The CYIS uses YouTube as its video platform. The use of video and audio content on our website requires the installation of relevant add-ons, such as Adobe Flash on the web browser you are using to access such content. You can download the latest Flash Player at the Adobe Flash Player website. If you experience problems with any part of the site, please contact us via our customer support contact form.

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