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Economics Senior Fellow


Conduct research and analysis on economic trends, policies, and issues, with a focus on specific regions or sectors.

Develop economic models and forecasts to inform decision-making and policy recommendations.

Publish articles, reports, and papers on economic topics for both academic and general audiences.

Provide economic expertise and insights to support the organization's programs and advocacy efforts.

Collaborate with other teams on interdisciplinary projects and initiatives.

Engage with policymakers, stakeholders, and the media to communicate economic findings and recommendations.


Advanced degree (Master's or Ph.D.) in Economics, Finance, or related field.
Strong quantitative and analytical skills, including proficiency in economic modeling and statistical analysis.

Knowledge of macroeconomic and microeconomic theory, as well as relevant policy frameworks.

Experience in economic research, preferably with a focus on applied or policy-oriented work.

Excellent writing and presentation skills, with the ability to communicate complex economic concepts effectively.

Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a dynamic environment.

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