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Human Rights Senior Fellow


Conduct research and analysis on human rights issues globally, with a focus on specific regions or thematic areas.

Monitor human rights developments and trends, including violations and progress.

Produce reports, briefings, and advocacy materials to raise awareness and influence policy.

Engage with human rights organizations, activists, and stakeholders to promote advocacy efforts.

Provide expertise and guidance to the organization's human rights programs and initiatives.

Represent the organization in relevant forums, conferences, and meetings.


Advanced degree (Master's or Ph.D.) in Human Rights, Law, International Relations, or related field.

In-depth knowledge of international human rights standards, mechanisms, and issues.

Experience in human rights research, advocacy, or policy analysis.

Strong writing and communication skills, with the ability to produce high-quality reports and publications.

Demonstrated commitment to human rights principles and values.

Ability to work effectively in diverse cultural and political contexts.

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