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Our research in autonomy aims to develop robust autonomous systems capable of navigating complex environments, making real-time decisions, and interacting with the surrounding world safely and efficiently. We explore topics such as autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, and robotics, focusing on enhancing perception, decision-making, and control algorithms to enable greater autonomy in various applications.

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Our research is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of autonomous systems through improvements in perception, decision-making, and control algorithms. We focus on several critical aspects:

• Autonomous Vehicles: We develop technologies for self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles, aiming to improve their ability to perceive the environment, make decisions, and navigate safely among other road users.

• Unmanned Aerial Systems: Our research includes the development of drones and other aerial systems that can operate autonomously, performing tasks such as aerial surveillance, delivery, and environmental monitoring with minimal human intervention.

• Robotics: We explore advanced robotics applications, from industrial robots that can autonomously perform complex manufacturing tasks to service robots that assist in healthcare, agriculture, and disaster response.

• Perception and Sensing Technologies: A key focus is on enhancing the ability of autonomous systems to understand their environment through advanced perception and sensing technologies, including LiDAR, radar, and computer vision.

• Decision-Making Algorithms: We develop sophisticated algorithms that enable autonomous systems to make real-time decisions in dynamic and unpredictable environments, improving their reliability and effectiveness.

• Control Systems: Our research also extends to control systems that allow autonomous devices to execute precise movements and actions based on their decision-making processes, ensuring smooth and safe operations.



IIEDT is actively involved in organizing and participating in a variety of events that foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of autonomy:

• Conferences and Symposia: We host and contribute to international conferences and symposia focused on autonomy and autonomous systems. These events provide a platform for sharing the latest research findings and technological advancements.

• Workshops and Training Sessions: Understanding the complexity of autonomous systems, we organize workshops and training sessions for a wide audience, including students, professionals, and enthusiasts. These events are designed to educate participants on the latest developments and applications in autonomy.

• Demonstration Events: We showcase our advancements in autonomous systems at demonstration events, offering attendees a firsthand look at the potential of these technologies to transform industries and improve quality of life.

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Innovation is a cornerstone of our work at IIEDT, as we strive to translate research into practical applications:

• Development of Autonomous Solutions: We focus on creating autonomous solutions that can be deployed in real-world scenarios, addressing specific challenges in transportation, surveillance, manufacturing, and more.

• Collaborative Projects: We engage in collaborative projects with industry partners and academic institutions to tailor autonomous technologies to the needs of various sectors, facilitating their integration and adoption.

• Technology Incubation and Acceleration: Through our incubation and acceleration programs, we support startups and innovators focusing on autonomy. Providing access to resources, expertise, and networks, we aim to accelerate the development and commercialization of autonomous technologies.

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