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CYIS HQ Brussels

Rue du Parnasse 14,

Brussels, Belgium



T: +32 494 28 04 47

Directions to CYIS HQ Brussels
Nearest Public Transport
Brussels offers a robust public transportation network, which is efficient for navigating around the city. Key options near CYIS HQ in Brussels include:

Metro: The Brussels Metro is a swift and reliable means of transportation, with four lines (1, 2, 5, and 6) serving different parts of the city. The metro stations are well-distributed, ensuring easy access to various districts, including the vicinity of CYIS HQ Brussels.

Tram and Bus: Brussels also boasts an extensive tram and bus network. The trams provide widespread coverage with numerous lines crisscrossing the city, complemented by a comprehensive bus network. These options are convenient for reaching specific destinations not directly served by the metro. For detailed routes and connections near CYIS HQ, checking the STIB/MIVB website or app is advisable.

From Brussels Airport
Public Transport: Brussels Airport (Zaventem) offers excellent public transport connections to the city. You can take the train from the airport to the central station and then switch to the metro, tram, or bus networks to get closer to CYIS HQ Brussels. The airport is also served by direct bus lines operated by STIB/MIVB, offering convenient access to different parts of the city.

Brussels Card: For visitors, the Brussels Card might be a beneficial purchase. It offers unlimited travel on public transport, free entry to many museums, and discounts on various attractions, facilitating an economical and flexible way to explore the city.

Car Parking
Parking in Brussels is regulated, with different rules applying across various districts. In many areas, parking is paid during the day, with the first 15 minutes often free and the possibility of using parking discs for short stays. For longer durations, it's advisable to use one of the city's Park and Ride (P+R) lots, which offer affordable parking rates and are located near major public transport lines for easy access to the city center.

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