Arend Bolle

Research Analyst, Human Rights Programme, Humanitarian Dimension

Arend Bolle

Research Analyst, Human Rights Programme, Humanitarian Dimension

Arend is a Research Analyst in the Human Rights Programme within the Humanitarian Dimension. He contributes with research oncontributes with facts and analysis on the shifting gloabl landscape in which human security and freedoms are under threat to strenghten human rights and build constituencies for justice.


  • EU Affairs, Inter-institutional Relations

  • EU Foreign Policy

  • Inter-Organisational relations


  • Maritime Affairs

  • Humanitarian Affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Middle-East, Undernutrition of Children

  • Security studies and Terrorism

  • Free trade vs. Fair Trade

  • Contemporary trends in Higher Education


Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish


Arend specialization is in Public Administration at the University of Ghent, Global Governance at LSE and International Relations at the University of Bristol allowed him to gain a sound understanding of contemporary topics from different angles. This academic perspective made him understand the importance of think-tanks and professional research in general.

He has written papers on EU Foreign Policy, terrorism, International trade and dissertations on the European External Action Service's impact on the EU Foreign Policy towards Mali and Inter-Organisational relations between NATO and the EU in Maritime Security. Arend is currently pursuing an online course on International Humanitarian Law.

As a former political affairs intern at the Belgian Mission to the United Nations, Arend specialized in analysis on political, humanitarian and security issues regarding Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle-East, regions of particular interest of the United Nations as is testified by the media’s broad coverage. This research and analysis results in clear and well drafted briefing notes and policy papers that are communicated to different stakeholders, both within the Belgian mission and in the UN.

As a generalist, Arend has knowledge in a multitude of regions, including the Middle-East, Sub-Saharan Africa, North-America and Europe. His knowledge of European Affairs is of course amplified by my current experience at the Secretariat-General of the European Commission. The varied yet interconnected themes he embarked on both academically and professionally are testimonial to my broad range of interests, dynamic personality and flexibility. Moreover, his experience as a student representative at the Flemish Education Council strengthened these skills. During this experience, Arend monthly sat down with School directors, UNESCO officials, EU Officials and Flemish Officials. Subjects that were discussed included Horizon Plus, Erasmus Plus, etc.

In addition, Arend interned at Skeyes (Belgocontrol), were he took part in the international affairs domain of the organisation. As a former Humanitarian Voluntary worker with Projects Abroad, Arend helped to deliver by doing research in the Humanitarian domain.