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Davide Grison

Honorary Member

Davide Grison

Honorary Member

Davide was the Director of the Economic-Environmental Dimension. He led the team to produce facts and analysis on emerging economic-environmental threats to national and international security threats to drive effective policy. He is now a Honorary Member.


  • Cohesion Policy

  • European Territorial Cooperation (transnational cooperation)

  • EU Regions


Italian, English, French


Davide holds a Bachelor's Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Trieste - Gorizia campus), an Erasmus Mundus Master degree in Euroculture (Universities of Udine and Strasbourg), and an Advanced Master in European Interdisciplinary Studies (College of Europe - Natolin).

In Natolin, he developed an interest in EU Energy, Climate, and Environmental policies, as well as Cohesion Policy, and started to reflect on synergies between them. 
Through his professional experiences at the Central European Initiative and at the Joint Secretariat and Managing Authority of the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme he was involved in the implementation of energy and bioeconomy-related projects such as Danube-INCO.NET and ARCWIND.

At the Assembly of European Regions, he saw regions as key actors promoting sustainability and developed a growing interest in the synergies between cohesion policy, on one hand, energy, climate, and environmental policies on the other.

During his last and ongoing Blue-Book traineeship at DG REGIO he keeps developing such interests.

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