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Edda Sundström

Director, Economic-Environmental Dimension

Edda Sundström

Director, Economic-Environmental Dimension

Edda is the Director of the Economic-Enviornmental Dimension


  • Climate change

  • Environmental justice

  • Sustainable development

  • Human rights law

  • Indigenous peoples’ rights

  • Civil society movements and activism


Finnish, English


Edda has recently graduated with a master’s degree in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. She has a background in social anthropology and seeks to maintain an anthropological perspective in her research. During her master’s degree, Edda has steered her focus towards international environmental law and policy. She is particularly interested in the intersection of human rights law and environmental justice, as well as the prospect of applying a human rights approach to environmental protection. Her special expertise lies in the rights of indigenous peoples. Having attained the London School of Economics (LSE) summer ethnography grant, she undertook a field research project on the culture and rights of the indigenous Saami. Her master’s thesis also explores the collaboration between indigenous peoples and environmental organizations against extractive industries in Latin America. Edda is passionate about environmental justice and sustainability. She believes that the struggles of indigenous communities capture the intertwined nature of human rights and environmental protection and that indigenous activism should play a key part in the climate movement and the pursuit of environmental justice.
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