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Mari Peltola

Networking Coordinator, Operational Branch

Mari Peltola

Networking Coordinator, Operational Branch

Mari is the Networking Coordinator of the CYIS. She works on the strategies to build a network and long-term partnerships.


  • International relations

  • Africa

  • Southeast and East Asia

  • Biodiversity

  • Climate change

  • Environmental conservation

  • Innovation

  • Sustainable development

  • Gender rights


Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Japanese


Mari has a background in political science and international relations, environmental studies and sustainable development as well as East-Asian studies. She has specialized in international relations, environmental - and development politics, more specifically biodiversity, the EU and East- and Southeast Asian politics, Arctic dimension and gender rights.  Currently, she is a Blue Book trainee at DG Environment and she works with Africa's, India's and South Asia's bilateral and regional environmental relations as well as with circular economy. In personal life, she is interested in recycling and new ways of creating socioenvironmental action. 

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