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Mathilde Cournut

Honorary Member

Mathilde Cournut

Honorary Member

Mathilde was the first Director of the Economics-Environmental Dimension. She is now a Honorary Member.


  • Economic policies

  • Economic development

  • Employment and socio-economic inequalities

  • African economies


French, English, Spanish, and notions of Chinese and Swahili


Thanks to her dual master's degree between Sciences Po Paris and LSE, she specialises in international and development economics, with a regional concentration in Africa. Her professional experiences at the OECD, DG DEVCO of the European Commission, Oxfam and the French Embassy in Cameroon gave a practical dimension to her theoretical knowledge in economics and helped me to better understand current economic trends. At the same time, her Master's degree in Political Philosophy and Ethics, with a thesis on the concept of development, allowed her not only to understand the world as it is, but as it should be and to question current paradigms in order to create new ones.

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