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Nikola Latkovic

Director, Politico-Military Dimension

Nikola Latkovic

Director, Politico-Military Dimension

Nikola is a Research Analyst within the Cyber-security & FET Programme


  • Cyberwarfare

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cyberdiplomacy

  • Digital policies



Croatian, English, Italian, French


Nikola holds a master’s degree in International Economics and European Integration from the University of Split, Croatia. He completed his Erasmus exchange programme in Political Science and Economics at the University of Florence, Italy. He wrote his master’s thesis on “Economic Diplomacy of the Swiss Confederation in the context of Global Intelligence Revolution”, analysing Swiss foreign policy and security issues of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Globalisation 4.0. 

His research interests that he is passionate about include geopolitics and geo-economics under digital conditions. Specifically, he is interested in exploring the complex challenges at the intersection of diplomacy and cyberspace with a focus on cyber warfare, cybersecurity and cyber diplomacy as a confidence-building tool in the digital age. Nikola has previously been an intern at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and at the ETNO Association, both based in Brussels, Belgium.

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