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Pablo García Prieto

Honorary Member

Pablo García Prieto

Honorary Member

Pablo was the first Financial Coordinator of the Operational Branch. He contributed with financial expertise in shaping the first grants, memberships and donation strategies. 


  • Finance, Financial economics

  • Financial management

  • Financial mathematics

  • Economics

  • Business economics

  • Business analysis

  • Econometrics

  • Mathematics and statistics


Spanish, English, French


Pablo is an Economist. Currently working in the financial sector, with a specific interest in international affairs, politics and economics. During his last years, working in large corporations such as Deutsche Bank and Amazon, Pablo has developed proven experience driving financial management and operational strategies, assessing the acquisition of equity funds and assessing banking operations and capital planning at a high level in business. Therefore, obtaining solid risk management abilities and a deep understanding on how to obtain and effectively utilize the funds necessary for efficient operation in an organization.

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