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Run He

Politico-Military Dimension Intern

Run He

Politico-Military Dimension Intern

Run is the Politico-Military Dimension Intern


  • Asian regionalism;

  • Souteastern Asian diplomacy and Organization;

  • Sino-ASEAN relations;

  • Sino-American relations;

  • Foreign Trade;

  • International political economy;

  • Marine Security.


Mandarine, English.


Run He is a current Master student at London School of Economics, majoring in International Relations(Research). Her research interet is marine security in Asian-Pacific Arean includes China, Southeastern Aisa, and United States.   

Run achieved GPA of 3.7/4.0 (Top 10%) at her undergraduate school NKU and 72/100 (First Class) at her exchange school, the University of Essex.  Currently, Run am a full time student at the London School of Economics (LSE), majoring in International (Research) with a 25,000£ LSE K&K Scholarship. The research-oriented programme grants she systematic training on qualitative research methods (such as discourse analysis, theme analysis, interviews and focus group) and regression analysis run by software R. At LSE, Run grouped up with students from Sciences Po, BocconRun University, Stockholm School of Economics, and Hertie School to do projects about European affairs . The ‘Pass with Distinction’ final score indicates successful cooperation among students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.  

Run worked as an intern assistant at the Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Communication, facilitating the promotion of organizations and the infrastructures landing in southeast Asian countries. During her undergraduate, Run was elected as president of NKU Module United Nations (MUN) Associations and was personally awarded top-10 student leaders of the year. Besides holding national and intramural conferences, Run started and formed a partnership between our association with the Career Development Association of NKU, which granted us more funding and reputation. From these experiences, although Run realize the dilemma of the development of NGOs in China, her groundbreaking works both in research and practices grants me satisfaction by contributing to society. This is also the passion that Run have for working for CYIS.

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