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Sara Bortoletti

Honorary Member

Sara Bortoletti

Honorary Member

Sara was the first Senior Fellow leading the Human Rights Programme within the Humanitarian Dimension. She contributes with facts and analysis on the shifting gloabl landscape in which human security and freedoms are under threat to strenghten human rights and build constituencies for justice. She is now a Honorary Member of CYIS.


  • Migration trend analysis (irregular and regular pathways)

  • Human rights law

  • Integration policies of third country national


Italian, English, French


Thanks to her diverse academic and professional experiences, Sara has developed her expertise in the field of humanitarian affairs, with a particular focus on human rights and migration issues.

She hold a BA in Economics, Markets and Institutions from the University of Bologna, and a double MA in International and European Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University (School of Advanced International Studies) and the University of Bologna. During university, Sara deepened her knowledge on the functioning of the European Union and its role in the international stage; and strengthened her understanding of the complex phenomenon of migration, and its nexus with development policies and human rights’ protection.

As a Research Assistant for the Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development and as an Integration Policy Assistant at the Migration Policy Group, Sara focused my research on the comparative analysis of worldwide immigration law and integration policies for beneficiaries of international protection in hosting communities.

Currently, Sara is a a Blue Book Trainee in DG Migration and Home Affairs at the European Commission.

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