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Sophia Mason

Honorary Member

Sophia Mason

Honorary Member

Sophia is the Director of the Humanitarian Dimension. She leads the Humanitarian Dimension which contributes with research on trends in humanitarian issues. Sophia is responsible for managing the quality of all writtent content. She is a former Board Member of CYIS.


  • Migration, asylum and refugees 

  • Securitisation Human security

  • Gender studies and feminist analysis 

  • Political geography and geopolitics 

  • Northern Ireland Brexit 

  • Other nationalisms European identity and citizenship


English, French


Sophia's main research interests include the intersection between migration and security; borders and other politico-spatial forms; and feminist and queer approaches to international relations. 

She holds a BA in Human Geography from Durham University where she specialised in political geography. She is keen to highlight the value of geographical approaches in international relations and to bring a socio-spatial perspective to bear on topics such as migration, security and conflict. During her MA in International Security at the University of Sussex she established a background in security studies and international relations and developed a particular interest in human-centred understandings of security. Her Masters dissertation on the impact of Brexit on the Irish border theorised the constitution of borders and border change in the post-conflict Northern Ireland context. 

She previously interned at UNHCR's Representation for EU Affairs, the Quaker Council for European Affairs, the European Commission and NATO International Staff. She was formerly a Research Assistant at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Sophia currently works in the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO HQ in Brussels.

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