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At IIEDT, our research on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies is pioneering new frontiers in immersive experiences. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge AR/VR solutions that enhance learning, entertainment, and professional training. Our projects range from creating realistic virtual environments for simulation-based learning to integrating AR for real-world applications, improving user interaction and engagement. By pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, IIEDT aims to transform how people interact with technology, making virtual and augmented experiences more accessible, intuitive, and impactful for users across the globe.

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Our research endeavors aim at advancing the AR and VR technology landscape. We are at the forefront of exploring new possibilities for immersive experiences, striving to understand and enhance the ways these technologies can serve educational, entertainment, and professional development purposes. Our projects include:

• Simulation-Based Learning: We develop realistic virtual environments that allow for immersive simulation-based learning experiences. These environments are designed to offer users practical training scenarios across various fields such as medical, engineering, and emergency response training.

• Real-World AR Applications: We focus on integrating AR technologies into real-world applications to enhance user interaction and engagement. This includes developing AR solutions for navigation, retail, maintenance, and repair, and interactive marketing campaigns, making digital information more accessible and engaging in physical spaces.

• User Experience (UX) Research: We conduct extensive UX research to understand the cognitive and emotional aspects of AR and VR interactions. Our goal is to make virtual and augmented experiences more intuitive, enjoyable, and impactful, thereby improving accessibility for users worldwide.



IIEDT organizes and participates in a variety of events aimed at disseminating knowledge, fostering collaboration, and showcasing our innovations in AR and VR:

• Conferences and Workshops: We host and contribute to international conferences and workshops, presenting our latest research findings and exploring emerging trends in AR and VR. These events serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration with industry experts, researchers, and practitioners.

• Demonstration Events: We organize demonstration events where we showcase our cutting-edge AR and VR projects. These events provide hands-on experiences for participants, offering them a glimpse into the future of immersive technologies and their potential applications.

• Educational Seminars: We conduct seminars and educational sessions aimed at students, professionals, and the general public. These sessions are designed to raise awareness about the benefits and challenges of AR and VR technologies, promoting a deeper understanding of their impact on society.

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Innovation is at the core of IIEDT's mission. We are committed to developing innovative AR and VR solutions that address real-world challenges:

• Customized AR/VR Solutions: We work closely with industry partners to design and develop customized AR and VR solutions that meet specific business needs, enhancing operational efficiency, customer engagement, and learning outcomes.

• Technology Incubation: We support startups and entrepreneurs through our technology incubation program, providing resources, mentorship, and access to our research and development facilities. This initiative aims to nurture innovative ideas and bring new AR and VR products and services to market.

• Open Innovation Challenges: We organize open innovation challenges that invite participants from around the world to propose and develop novel AR and VR applications. These challenges stimulate creativity and innovation, contributing to the advancement of the field.

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