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Alba Márquez García

Research Analyst, Central America Programme, Americas Centre

Alba Márquez García

Research Analyst, Central America Programme, Americas Centre

Alba is a Research Analyst of Central America Programme within the Americas Centre.


  • International relations

  • Global security

  • European Union

  • Migration

  • NATO, America

  • Terrorism

  • Organised Crime.


Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese


Alba's background is focused on international relations and global security, achieving a 4 years Bachelor's Degree in International Relations by the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and a Master's Degree in Global Security by the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, United Kingdom). In addition, she is undertaking a course on European Affairs with a private academy. She has also attended courses organised by NATO, the EU and other organisations in relation to international affairs, security, cooperation, regional studies, and other related disciplines. Her previous professional experience comprehends: an internship at the International Organization for Migration (IOM-UN); an international volunteering in France (Aix-en-Provence) as part of the French Service Civique and the city’s Ambassadors mission; an internship at the European Commission (EU), concretely at Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency); and volunteering for the student counselling and international students’ assistance programs at the university she was part of. She has also been offering her services as language assistant, translator and interpreter to several companies, entities and private customers. Currently she is also working for the European Student Think Tank (EST), concretely for the Migration working group; and she has joined the CYIS as research analyst at The Americas team. Alba’s mother tongue is Spanish. In addition, she is fluent in English, French, Italian and Portuguese, and she is learning and has basic knowledge of German, Arabic and Russian. Her areas of expertise comprehend a broad range of areas related to international relations and security with a global view that involves every region, although with a more special focus on Europe and America. Some of these areas are: International Security and Strategic Studies; The Global Criminal Economy, Organised Crime and Terrorism; Criminology; Qualitative and Quantitative methods for investigation; International Relations; Law; Geopolitics; Political Sciences; Economics and Marketing.

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