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CYIS Partners

Welcome to the Team!

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Partners are the backbone of the Centre. They contribute with strategic advice wiith backgrounds from International Organizations, Government, Industry and Academic to shape our research and operations. As Advisory Board Members, you can provide your insights to all or specific strategic policies relevant to the Association  

Benefits of a CYIS Partner


Become an official



Freedom to write and speak on  whatever you think  is relevant

events and  networking

Access to our international network 


As a Partner, you will enjoy access to the Centre's innovative youth-led platform and its opinion-shaping analysis in the form of print and electronic publications, plus invitations to members-only events. In addition, you will join a group of young professionals from different sectors of society, which will help you to continue to grow your awareness and expand your network.

Blue Leather Chair


We seek members who are intellectual leaders in their fields to contribute to the research and activities of the Centre. Our members define the debate on important questions, generate data and analysis, and provide policy-relevant solutions for governments, business and the academic community. By becoming a contributor you will have the possibility to write about the topic of your choice, and publish it on our website and all the social networks within our reach.

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The Centre hosts year-round events that bring together researchers and policymakers from around the world to discuss international security, economic-environmental and humanitarian policy. Membership allows you to attend events held online, where you can network, meet CYIS experts, and develop your understanding of global strategic affairs.

Events and Networking

Full Membership Registration

Step 1

Accept CYIS Statutes

Step 2

Submit Your Staff Details

Step 1

Accept CYIS Statutes

Accept CYIS Statutes
Please register your acceptance of our CYIS Statutes. The CYIS Statutes are our founding document which lays out the structure and purpose of the Association. Full Members are required to accept the details of the CYIS Statutes to be part of the Association.

Thanks for submitting!

Submit Your Staff Detals
Please provide us with your personal details for our records, promotional material for research and events, and for our us to publish on our website. If you would like to have certain details removed from the website please comment in the final optional section of this form.


Silvia Biancu

Editorial Coordinator in the Editorial Unit

Stefano Consoli

Co-founder and Chief of Operations, Operational Branch & Co-Chair of Board

Nicholas Sowenna Ene

Legal Coordinator, Operational Branch

Davide Grison

Honorary Member

Laura Léger

Senior Fellow, Cyber-Space Security and FET Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Adrian Mendoza Strilciuc

Senior Fellow, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Sabrina Penati

Director, Americas Centre

Maria Zoi Theoulaki

Director, Humanitarian Dimension

Sofia Biasin

Honorary Member

Mathilde Cournut

Honorary Member

Rebecca Gaff

Co-founder and Honorary Member

Nikola Latkovic

Director, Politico-Military Dimension

Ben Mason

Chief Editor, Editorial Unit

Alexandra Jesus Oliveira lopes

Senior Fellow Central America Programme

Julie Peters

Executive Assistant

Dunja Tribuljak

HR Coordinator

Sara Bortoletti

Honorary Member

Andrei I. Cursaru

Founding President, Chief Executive & Chairman of Board

Pablo García Prieto

Honorary Member

Julieta Longo

Research Analyst, South America Programme, Americas Centre

Sophia Mason

Honorary Member

Mari Peltola

Networking Coordinator, Operational Branch

Andrei-Vasile Rus

Research Analyst, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Angela Wang

Director, Americas Centre

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The Centre for Youth and International Studies

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