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Recent Posts​ on Africa 

Experts on Africa

Nafkot Alemaw

Economic-Environmental Dimension Intern

Arend Bolle

Senior Fellow, Human Rights Programme, Humanitarian Dimension

Nour Engueleguele

Research Analyst, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Gabriel Honrada

Research Analyst, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Grace Besa

Executive Management Intern

Sara Bortoletti

Honorary Member

Kyle Galea

Research Analyst for the International Security Programme

Georgios C. Kostaras

Director, Politico-Military Dimension & Board Member

Sofia Biasin

Honorary Member

Hajar Chams Eddine

Senior Fellow, Energy & Sustainability Programme, Economic-Environmental Dimension

Alexandru Gavrilovici

External Partner, Neovision

Vanessa Lazzerini

Americas Centre Intern

Sub-Regions in Africa

North Africa

The North Africa Programme leads CYIS' analysis of security, political, and socio-economic trends in the North African Maghreb, defined here as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sub-Saharan Africa Programme provides analysis on political, economic, and security dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting important new trends and rising stakes for U.S. engagement.

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