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Experts on Americas

Fernanda Alvarez Piñeiro

Honorary Member

Andrei I. Cursaru

Founding President, Chief Executive & Chairman of Board

Marco Antonio Garcia Mendez

Senior Fellow, South America Programme, Americas Centre

Katja-Elisabeth Herrmann Eufracio

Research Analyst, Cyber-Security & Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDT) Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Julieta Longo

Research Analyst, South America Programme, Americas Centre

Sabrina Penati

Director, Americas Centre

Angela Wang

Director, Americas Centre

Grace Besa

Executive Management Intern

Nour Engueleguele

Research Analyst, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Alexandru Gavrilovici

External Partner, Neovision

Sebastián Jiménez Melo

Americas Centre Intern

Laura Léger

Senior Fellow, Cyber-Space Security and FET Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Emma Sandvik Ling

Research Analyst, Cyber-Space Security and EDT Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Rebecca Webber

Research Analyst, North America Programme, Americas Centre

Angel Cortez

Research Analyst, Human Rights Programme, Humanitarian Dimension

Maria Emilia Fierro

Research Analyst, South America Programme, Americas Centre

Run He

Politico-Military Dimension Intern

Vanessa Lazzerini

Americas Centre Intern

Alba Márquez García

Research Analyst, Central America Programme, Americas Centre

Pablo Sánchez Martín

Research Analyst, International Security Programme, Politico-Military Dimension

Sub-Regions in Americas

Central America

The Central America Programme aims to elevate the policy discussion on strategic issues in the Central AMerican Region

North America

The North America Programme engages in research related to national defense, border security, and trade, as well as other critical bilateral relationships between the United States and its two contiguous neighbors, Mexico and Canada.

South America

The South America Programme conducts research on corruption, forced displacement, involuntary migration, and the impact of the erosion of democratic institutions on U.S. and regional security.

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